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Cereal for Brands

Launch the content hub for your brand and keep your biggest fans up to speed from latest drops to behind-the-scenes extras.

Content creator media site example made with CerealContent creator media site example made with Cereal

Why Brands love Cereal

Professional Content Hub

Don't stress over design, just drop your brand's content in and watch it automagically create a professional experience.

Connect with Subscribers

Keep subscribers in the loop with product updates, video blogs, company podcasts, and more.

Search Engine Optimized

All your content gets the SEO friendly pages, along with content search out of the box

As a content creator, Cereal has been a life and time saver. I'm able to easily curate content to my fans in a way that's convenient and accessible. The ability to customize Cereal to fit my needs and my channel is what really sets it apart. An absolute must-have tool in any content creators toolbelt.

Favorite Features for Brands

Everything brands need to manage their content, and plenty of extras to take it to the next level.

Videos from Anywhere

Import your existing work from YouTube or Vimeo, and upload your latest videos directly.

Optimized for Streaming

Videos are encoded and optimized for a high quality streaming experience as soon as it's uploaded.

Real Gated Content

Move beyond unlisted YouTube videos for premium content and enable direct uploads for secure premium distribution.

Engage your Community

Poll posts, comments, and more, let you directly engage with your audience on what they want to see next.

Your Own Domain Name

Don't build on someone else's brand, build on yours. Integrate your domain if you have one or we'll find one for you to level up your brand.

White Label & Custom Features

Want to go the extra mile? Reach out to our team for the bespoke treatment and design & development support.

... and much more!

Start using Cereal today!

Bring your content, products, memberships, and community together under your own brand.