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Cereal gives your Patreon subscribers a better way to consume your content and engage as a community under your brand, without changing platforms.

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Level up your community

Delighting fans, Empowering creators

Take the momentum you've built up on Patreon and add the experience you and your fans crave.

Make it all You

Use your brand and add your domain, your hub is all you. Your fans won't even know we're here.

Service like the pros

Deliver your content the way the best streaming services in the business do.

All of your content

Give fans a one stop shop for all of your content: free and gated premium.

Customize your site

Got a store? How about a live stream? Bring it all together in one place, your way.

Discovery friendly

Your site is easily accessible and shareable to the world (and search engines).

Launch in minutes

Add a site to your Patreon easily. Just add our bot and you're on your way!

Launch your site.

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