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We made our pricing simple so all creators can start their own site in minutes and get back to work on their content and community.

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Our subscription means you get access to every feature Cereal has built without restriction. No tiers or limits on subscribers. If we have it, you get it.

What's included

  • Custom branding & domain

  • Unlimited series, videos, and posts

  • Free & paid membership tiers

  • Audience analytics

  • Community integration

  • Gated content delivery

  • Setup & design support

  • ...and new features every week!

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of income you make through Cereal.
$10/month if not monetizing.

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Get everything Cereal has to offer on top of your existing Patreon membership program. Only pay for the patrons that are activly using your site.

What's included

  • Monetize with Patreon

  • Independent site

  • Streaming-grade experience

  • Improved community engagement

  • Free tier subscribers

  • ...and everything else included in Cereal!!

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your existing membership model.


First 20 patrons are free.

30 days money back guaranteed

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