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Cereal makes it simple to organize your content online, grow your audience, and earn money from premium memberships.

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Video Creators

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Made for creators of all shapes and sizes.

Platform experience

Streaming-Grade Features

Help your audience enjoy your content, not dig around for the next episode. Provide a viewer experience just like you've come to expect from today's best streaming services.

  • Continue watching where you left off
  • Autoplay next episode
  • View watch history
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Membership Tools

Audience Insight

Everything you need to learn from, interact with, and grow your community. Create membership tiers to fit your viewers, manage subscriptions, and see what your audience is gravitating towards.

  • Customizable membership tiers
  • Send automated emails and notifications
  • Integrate directly with your Discord server
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Creator Console

Publisher Studio

Manage your content with a simple dashboard and best-in-className editor. Whether it's just you or a whole team, keeping your content organized has never been easier.

  • Create video and blog posts
  • Categorize posts into series and collections
  • Schedule posts to go live now or later
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Creators love cereal


Don't just take our word for it, see why creators are switching to Cereal.

It's a luxury to have a HOME for your content that you own. Where everybody can embrace the creator without the hassle of ads, or having to go through multiple links. Everything is HERE!

SacredAlmighty Profile Picture
@SacredAlmighty - Variety Content Creator
Switched to Cereal from Patreon

Out of all the competitors I’ve used, Cereal is definitely the easiest to set up and the most creator-centric website builder out there.

StormPow Profile Picture
@StormPow - Video Game Content Creator
Switched to Cereal from Wix

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